How to Do a Floating Ball Magic Trick

Do a Floating Ball Magic Trick

How to Do a Floating Ball Magic Trick. The first recorded magic trick was in 1756 by Jacob Philadelphia. Most magic tricks are simple illusions used to make something appear to be what it is not using purely natural means. This is the way the floating ball magic trick works. Use this magic trick at parties or small gatherings.

Bend the end of the ladle slightly so the spoon is bent at a 90-degree angle to the handle. The bottom of the ladle becomes the floating ball as the magic trick progresses.

Slide the ladle's handle under your arm. Hold your arm tightly to your body to keep the ladle in place.

Stretch out the forearm of the arm holding the ladle. Rest the end of the ladle's handle on your wrist.

Bend your hand back slightly so the handle rests on your wrist. The ladle's spoon now hovers above your hand.

Cup your other hand and place it above the ladle. This part of the magic trick makes the ladle appear to float between your hands.

Twist the wrist of your hand that is holding the ladle. This creates a reflection in the ladle and gives the impression that the ball is floating.

Enter a room and stand in front of everyone. This magic trick only works if the audience is directly in front of you. Otherwise, they see the handle and the illusion is spoiled.


Practice this magic trick in front of a mirror before performing in front of an audience.

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