How to Design Perfume Packaging

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Things You'll Need

  • Perfume bottle
  • Measuring tape
  • Drawing pad
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Packaging materials (card stock paper, fabric, finished wood, etc.)

The art of mixing chemicals and elements to create a pleasurable aroma dates back thousands of years. For women, this is generally referred to as perfume. When it comes to selling perfume, the packaging is just as important as the fragrance itself. While the scent is vital in establishing interest in this beauty product, the packaging initially draws the customer to the perfume. If you would like to design your own perfume packaging, make sure you have the actual bottle to help you study and formulate a plan for creation.

Visit a fragrance supplier or department store. Check out each of the perfume packages that are available, as this is your product's competition. Ask a store clerk which brands and fragrances are the most popular and which ones sit on the shelves the longest. Inspect the prices of different perfumes. More expensive perfumes typically feature more elaborate packaging, such as gold foil or embroidered fabric.

Measure the dimensions of the perfume bottle, as it will need to comfortably fit into the packaging that you design. Additionally, you may wish to include an interior support in order to firmly hold the bottle in place. If the target perfume bottle is rounded, measure the width at its greatest point. Record these dimensions for your packaging design.

Create the outside of your packaging to reflect the perfume bottle inside. The more elaborate the appearance of the bottle, the more detailed the packaging itself may be. Set the perfume in front of you and begin sketching out ideas that relate to this specific product. If the bottle features certain colors or contours, make sure your package contains a similar appearance.

Involve creative and unconventional tactics for your perfume packaging design. Because the packaging is the first thing customers will see, don't be afraid to design a wild and attention-grabbing box. Likewise, you are not restricted to the traditional use of card stock paper. Include fabric, glass or finished wood to give your perfume packaging a distinguished and unique look. The more original your design, the more interesting it becomes to customers.

Design your perfume packaging with all the resource materials you've gathered. Use the measurements of the bottle to make sure your perfume will fit comfortably inside this package. Create a few different prototypes, because sometimes the best designs come from the development of several existing ideas.