How to Decorate Front Doors for Weddings

With a little time and creativity, you can turn standard, mundane wedding decorations into a striking feature. Many brides feel compelled to personalize their decorations or put a nontraditional spin on the feature to distinguish their wedding. Decorations for the front door of your venue are significant because the door is the first thing guests see when they arrive. These decorations set the tone for the rest of the wedding. By selecting a decoration that embodies the tone of the wedding, your first impression on the guests will inspire excitement and anticipation.

Fashion a wreath that deviates from standard floral fare. Create a large wreath composed of one element, like a flower featured in your bouquet. Using an abundance of one bloom will create a visually striking impression of color and texture. Make a wreath out of a material that is not commonly used in such arrangements, like a wreath of glittering rhinestone brooches to welcome guests to a glamorous evening affair.

Incorporate elements that are a part of the wedding environment. For example, include seashells in a door decoration at a beach-side wedding. Use vibrant maple leaves for an autumn wedding in New England.

Create a large initial to acknowledge that two people are becoming one family. Make the oversized initial out of flowers, ribbon or regional items. Use an item that was prominent in your wedding invitations to fashion the large letter. For example, if you relished using vintage postage stamps on your invitations, make the initial out of the same stamps.

Make a tasteful sign with a phrase that conveys the feeling you want your wedding to have. Limit decorations on the sign and use a font that matches the other paper goods printed for the event. Phrases like "Once upon a time...", "Going to the chapel...", or "At last, my love has come along" can begin setting the mood for the wedding as soon as guests arrive.

Hang a humorous decoration, if it suits your event. If you have planned a less formal, personalized ceremony incorporated with humorous moments, let guests know what is in store when they arrive. For example, hang an oversized print of photo-booth pictures in which the marrying couple is making silly and romantic expressions.

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