How to Decorate a Wedding Gift Table

At a wedding reception, every aspect of the venue from the seats to the wall décor to the napkins should be planned so they all coordinate and create an overall look. The wedding gift table is no exception. Since it will eventually be covered in gifts, there isn’t a lot of decorating to be done, but some simple techniques can take it from bare to stunning in a matter of minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • Confetti
  • Sheer Organza Tablecloth
  • Cardholder
  • 2 Flower Vases
  • 2 Topiaries
  • Table
  • Solid Colored Tablecloth
  • Sparkle Dust
  • Rhinestones

Set up the table and place it where you’d like it to go. Choose a solid-colored tablecloth that coordinates with the wedding colors and place this over the table.

Place another sheer organza, tulle or lace tablecloth in a second color over the first to want to create more dimension.

Arrange two flower vases or use topiaries and set these in the two back corners of the table. This adds a bit of décor while remaining out of the way of the gifts that will be brought.

Sprinkle confetti, sparkle dust or rhinestones all across the table for some shine.

Place the wedding wishing well or cardholder in the center of the table. If it’s bare, decorate it with a large bow.


  • Don’t put anything breakable on the gift table as someone shifting presents around may accidentally knock it off and break it.