How to Decorate a Victorian Themed Christmas Tree

How to Decorate a Victorian Themed Christmas Tree. The modern Christmas tree dates back to the Victorian Era. Early Victorian Christmas trees were elaborately decorated with edible ornaments, paper garlands, handmade gifts and tiny candles. This year, pay homage to the Victorians and create your own Victorian themed Christmas tree.

String popcorn and cranberries on a long length of industrial strength thread to create an old fashioned garland. Hang the garland on the tree.

Create a second garland of colorful paper strips made into a festive chain.

Fill mesh bags with pieces of colorful hard candies and tie with gold ribbon. Hang bags on the Christmas tree, to open during the Christmas season.

Make small paper cornucopias by folding triangles of holiday paper and securing with a glue stick. Attach a gold or silver ribbon to each cornucopia with a hot glue gun. Fill the cornucopias with nuts or candies.

Place a Nativity scene at the base of the Christmas tree. Add fake snow or grass for more detail.

Top the Christmas tree with an old fashioned Victorian angel.


Paint walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecan with gold or silver spray paint, before adding them to the paper cornucopias, for added holiday sparkle.


Victorian trees used real candles as part of their decorations. Skip this step and stick with plain white Christmas lights, to avoid a potential fire hazard.

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