How to Cut Vinyl With a Cricut

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Things You'll Need

  • Design software or Cricut cartridges
  • Cricut
  • Vinyl sheet
  • Needle tool or mechanical pencil
  • Scissors
  • Transfer tape or clear contact paper
  • Scraper or credit card

Cricut personal cutting machines allow crafters to cut paper, fabric, foam and vinyl into any shape imaginable. Vinyl designs can be placed and removed from any hard surface. Creating and cutting vinyl with the Cricut is very similar to cutting paper, and with a little practice, you can personalize just about anything.

Select your design. Use design software according to the manufacturer’s instructions or select a preloaded design from a Cricut cartridge.

Load the cutting mat with the sheet of vinyl. Place it on the mat, and do not peel off any of the backing.

Set the blade depth to 3, low or 2 -- low if you are using the original Cricut machine. Press "cut."

Remove the vinyl from the Cricut. Peel the vinyl that is not part of your design off of the backing. Use a needle tool or a mechanical pencil without the lead exposed to help pry up small pieces or hold down sections. The design should be the only vinyl left on the backing.

Cut a piece of transfer tape or contact paper large enough to cover your design. Place over the top of the design and rub it with the scraper or credit card until it is smooth. Eliminate all bubbles.

Remove the transfer tape or contact paper from the backing of the vinyl. The vinyl will be stuck to the transfer tape or contact paper.

Press the transfer tape or contact paper to your desired final surface and rub it with the scraper or credit card until it is smooth. Eliminate all bubbles. Peel the transfer tape or contact paper off at a sharp angle.


  • Check pricing on vinyl sheets or rolls at your local sign shop. They are often less expensive than craft stores.



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