How to Cut Vinyl Lettering With a Cricut

Things You'll Need

  • Adhesive-back vinyl
  • Transfer tape or masking tape

Displaying inspirational quotes, verses and sayings in your home can add a warmth or whimsical flair to your decor theme. A Cricut die-cut machine allows you to choose your words and cut them to your personal settings at the push of a button. Cut adhesive-back vinyl lettering with a Cricut to ease in the application process. No glue is required. Vinyl sheets are available wherever Cricut supplies are sold and its thin, soft texture will not dull your Cricut blade.

Place your adhesive-back vinyl on your cutting mat with the paper backing side facing down. Press the vinyl with your fingers to adhere it to the tacky surface of the cutting mat. This will keep the vinyl from shifting while cutting.

Insert your theme cartridge into the Cricut. Place the matching design pad over the keypad.

Set the speed dial at 3 and the pressure dial at 3. These dials are found on the left-hand side of a Cricut Expression. Turn the dial on the cutting blade to adjust the depth to 3.

Place the edge of the cutting mat against the mat rollers. Press the load button to insert the mat into the machine.

Type the words you are cutting using the design keypad. Set the size dial at the size desired for the letters. The size dial on the Cricut Expression is on the right-hand side. Press the cut button.

Press the unload button to back your mat out of the Cricut.

Peel off the vinyl sheet from the mat. The entire sheet will come off. The vinyl letters are cut on the front of the sheet, while the backing paper is not cut. Peel away all of the extra vinyl from around the letters. Do not remove the letters from the backing paper.

Place transfer tape or masking tape over the vinyl word. Firmly rub your fingers over the tape to adhere. Peel the tape from the backing paper. The letters will stick to the tape, keeping the letters straight and evenly spaced.

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