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How to Cut Plexiglass With a Router

Plexiglass is a very durable material used for many different applications.
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Plexiglass comes in large, clear sheets made of acrylic material. Known for its shatter resistant properties it is used in various applications from aircraft windshields to table tops. Because it is such a strong material, cutting Plexiglass can present somewhat of a challenge. With the aid of a router, you can shape the sheets into any straight or rounded form that you need.

Things You'll Need:

  • Acrylic Bit
  • Clamps
  • Straight Edge
  • Marker
  • Work Table
  • Safety Glasses
  • Router

Place the Plexiglass sheet onto a solid, stable work bench. Secure the sheet to the table with clamps.

Draw the cut line onto the Plexiglass with a marker. Use a straight edge to draw a straight line cut, or trace any templates or patterns that you may have directly onto the sheet.

Insert the acrylic cutting bit into the router and lock it into place. These bits are made especially for cutting acrylic. Adjust the length of the router bit so that it cuts completely through the thickness of the Plexiglass sheet.

Place the router base onto the Plexiglass. Position the router bit at the start of your cut line.

Turn on the router. Move the router along the cut line in a smooth, continuous motion. Move the router slowly to prevent burning or chipping.

Turn the router off once the cut is completed. Unclamp the Plexiglass from the table.


Plexiglass comes with a protective film covering. In order to prevent scratches, leave the covering on until all of your cuts are made.


  • Always wear safety glasses when cutting Plexiglass or any material.
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