How to Cut Out an '80s-Inspired T-Shirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Large T-shirt
  • Scissors
  • Pin

The 1980s were famous for their bright colors and casual styles. The loose, wide-neck T-shirt, for example, was an iconic look for the decade. So, if you're going to an '80s party or just love the style, create your own '80s-inspired tee, and pair it with a pair of slim-legged jeans and high-top sneakers for an authentic look.

Choose a large, short-sleeved T-shirt to create a loose fit. A tee that measures 2 to 3 sizes larger than your normal size is ideal. Also, think about choosing a bright, fluorescent-colored tee to accentuate the '80s look.

Try your T-shirt on to check the fit.

Mark a point on the T-shirt that is just above your waistline by securing a pin at that location, and then remove the T-shirt.

Cut across the bottom of the T-shirt to shorten it. Use the pin as a guide for cutting before removing it.

Cut off the edge of the T-shirt's sleeves by cutting just above the hems. Snip off 1 to 2 inches of material from the sleeves.

Cut out the collar of the T-shirt. You may choose to simply cut out the exact size of the collar or create a larger neckline by making the cut an inch around the collar.

Put on your '80s T-shirt. It is now ready to wear.


  • Be cautious when you are cutting out the neckline, as cutting a neckline that is too large can cause the shirt to slip off your shoulders.

    If you are using a long-sleeved T-shirt, cut one sleeve longer than the other for an asymmetrical look.


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