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How to Cut Cucumbers

Things You'll Need:

  • Cucumber
  • Paper towel or dishcloth
  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife

How to Cut Cucumbers. When cucumbers are in season from May through July, take advantage of cucumbers in your cooking. If you have a recipe that calls for thin strips of cucumber or if you wish to use cucumber strips as a garnish, follow these steps to help you get those beautiful cucumber strips.

Wash the cucumber with cool, running water.

Dry the cucumber using a paper towel or dishcloth.

Place the cucumber on the cutting board. Use either a plastic cutting board or a wooden cutting board when cutting cucumbers.

Use a sharp knife to cut the cucumber lengthwise into two pieces. You may also cut the ends off of the cucumber if desired.

Arrange the cucumber halves on the cutting board so the cut sides face downward on the board.

Cut the two cucumber halves in half again using the sharp knife. You will now have four pieces of cucumber.

Divide each piece of cucumber in half again with the sharp knife so you have eight pieces of cucumber.

Slice each piece of cucumber in half widthwise on the bias (an angle).

Take the knife and use it to slice each piece of cucumber into very thin strips.

Serve the thin cucumber strips in a salad or use them in your favorite recipe as indicated.


You can also use an English cucumber in this recipe. English cucumbers come shrink wrapped in plastic, and you can find them in the produce section of your local grocery store. If you use an English cucumber, you don't need to wash it because these cucumbers come pre-washed. Prior to cutting, peel the cucumber using a vegetable peeler if desired. Always hold the cucumber on the cutting board with your fingers curled under and holding your fingers back to prevent cutting your fingers with the sharp knife.


  • Be careful when working with sharp knives to avoid injury.
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