How to Crochet With Two or More Strands

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Things You'll Need

  • Crochet pattern
  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • 1 container for each ball or skein of yarn

There are several reasons for crocheting with multiple strands. You may want to add thickness and bulk to a crocheted garment or accessory. Some home-use crochet projects, such as potholders, need to be especially thick to function properly. Many crafters crochet with multiple yarn strands, blending different colors and textures. Mixing yarns creates interesting color blends and tactile qualities, not achievable with a single yarn. Certain novelty-type yarns, such as boucles, eyelash and some sparkle yarns are difficult to use alone. They are often paired with a double-knit or worsted-weight yarn to make them easier to use.

Refer to the crochet pattern to determine the number of yards of yarn that are needed to complete the project.

Read product information on the yarn packages or wrappers. Make sure that you have enough yarn, in each color, to complete the project. For example, if the pattern requires 300 yards of yarn and you intend to use two different colors together, you will need 300 yards of each color of yarn.

Place each skein or ball of yarn in a separate container. This will prevent the yarns from entangling as you work on the project.

Grasp the ends of each skein or ball of yarn. Hold them together and tie a slip knot. Follow pattern instructions to complete the project.


  • Crafters often use bowls, buckets or bags as containers to keep the different yarns separated.