How to Crochet on a Loom

ACrochet loom is mad of two poles and cross bars for adjusting the size.

A crochet loom is also called a hairpin lace loom. The instructions here are for a scarf, but the stitches are basic and you can follow the basic procedure to make any project. A scarf is a good project for beginners. Once you make a scarf, you can use the basic stitches to make anything else.

ACrochet loom is mad of two poles and cross bars for adjusting the size.

Things You'll Need

  • Crochet Hook
  • Hairpin Lace Loom
  • Yarn

Set the loom to the width you want. A hairpin loom is made up of two poles that can be set to a width between 3 and 6 ½ inches. The wider you make it, the lacier the scarf will be. If you make it narrow, you will have to make several strips, but will end up with a more solid pattern. You will use two strands of yarn throughout. (Use about 12 oz. of worsted-weight knitting yarn.)

Attach the two strands of yarn to the loom by making a slipknot and placing it over the right-side pole. Treat the two strands as if they were one, with the two of them making one knot. Carry the yarn around the back of the left-hand pole and make sure the knot itself is in the middle of the two.

Start making loops. To do this, you need to reverse the position of the poles. Bring the right side to you and over to the left. The loop is now on the left and one double strand of yarn is above it. Insert the crochet hook (size G) , with the hook part facing you, up through the loop. Pull the yarn through the loop . Then do a single crochet stitch.

Put the hook at the back of the loom and flip the loom once again. The hook will be back at the front, and there will be another double strand. Do another single crochet stitch. Repeat the flip-stitch sequence until the strip is the length you want your scarf to be. Cut the yarn, but leave a long tail. Draw the tail through the loop on the hook.

Join the strips. Lay two strips side by side. Put the crochet hook through the first two loops on one strip. Remember, they are double, so you will have four strands of yarn on the hook. With these on the hook, put it through the first two loops on the second strip and pull those through the loops from the first strip. Then pick up the next two loops from the first strip and pull them through the loops on the hook. Continue going back and forth from the first to the second strips until there is one loop left. Work this one off by pulling the tail through it and tying it off.

Repeat the above procedure until all the strips are connected The last step is to finish the edge. Put the crochet hook though the first loop at the bottom of one side. Pull the next loop through the first one; continue doing this until you reach the top. Pull the tail from the last section through the last loop and tie off. Repeat on the opposite side, and your scarf is done.