How to Crochet Fuzzy Flip Flops

J. Van Lone Trieschman

Things You'll Need

  • Pair of flip-flops to size
  • Yarn (eyelash, chenille or knobby)
  • Crochet hook, suggested size J
  • Scissors

Fuzzy flip-flops are very popular among little girls. They are a very colorful addition to any girl’s wardrobe. Not only are they fun, but also they are functional and very comfortable. Don’t think they are only for little girls--adults wear them, too. There are two different ways of making fuzzy flip-flops to cover the entire flip-flop or just the top of the flip-flop. The crochet stitch is the same, it just varies by the amount of stitches.

Begin with one flip-flop in hand. Use one or two skeins of yarn depending on the thickness you desire. Tie a square knot at the base of one side of the flip-flop.

Place your crochet hook under the strap of the shoe, hook the yarn, bring it under the strap, place the hook over the strap, hook the yarn and take it completely through the loop (or loops) of yarn on the hook.

With a loop on the hook, follow from Step 1 above, but instead of pulling the yarn through one loop, pull it through both loops as noted above. This is a single crochet stitch.

Work your way around to the toe piece. You can travel down the toe piece and back up again to make the shoe extra comfortable, or you can just continue around to the other side.

Once you reach the end of the strap, cut the yarn about 8 inches away from the strap. Stitch one more single crochet stitch, but this time pull the yarn end all the way through the loop, ending the crochet.

Set down your hook, and use the end or ends of the yarn to tie a few knots.

With your crochet hook, pull the ends of the yarn up and through a few stitches of the strap, and then cut off any excess. Pull the ends of the starting yarn through a few stitches as well and cut off the excess.

Continue on to the other shoe following the same instructions.

If you don’t want to crochet the entire shoe, start where the strap is on the top of your foot. You can visualize this from how the strap curves or you can try on the shoe and make markings in pen on the strap.