How to Crochet Bedspreads

By Deb Powers ; Updated September 15, 2017
Pineapple, leaf and fan patterns are popular for crocheted bedspreads.

Crocheted bedspreads run the gamut from delicate, lacy Irish crochet confections to boldly patterned blankets worked in Tunisian stitch. An experienced crocheter may spend months working on a bedspread made of detailed filet crochet panels or assembled from dozens of intricate motifs crocheted in bedspread cotton or fine thread. You can adapt the techniques used in two basic bedspread patterns to make a wide variety of crochet bedspreads.

Working in Strips: Diamond Stripes

With bedspread cotton and size 7 steel crochet hook, chain 21.

Double crochet in the 7th chain from the hook. Chain 2, skip 2 chain, double crochet in next chain (one open filet made). Repeat the stitches between the *s to the end of the row. 7 open filet have been made.

Chain 3. Make 2 double crochet in the chain 2 space. Double crochet in next double crochet. One closed block has been made. Work in open filet to the end of the row.

Chain 5. Skip 2 chain, double crochet in next double crochet to make an open filet on the front end of a row. Work 4 open filet. Double crochet in each double crochet to the end of the row.

Continue to work as established, changing one more filet to a closed block on each row until you finish a solid row of double crochet. At that point, reverse the process, changing one closed block to an open filet on each row until you complete an entire row of open filet. 16 rows have been completed.

Repeat Steps 3 to 5 until the strip measures 81 inches long, joining a new ball of thread where needed. Break thread and pull through the last loop to end.

Make 24 strips in the pattern above. Join the strips using a flat crochet seam and matching the patterns to create alternating openwork and solid diamonds.

Join thread in one corner of the bedspread. Work picot edging (3 single crochet, chain 3, 3 single crochet in each open or closed block) around three sides. Work single crochet in each stitch across the final edge to finish.

Joined Filet Motifs

Choose a 4 x 4 inch filet graph from one of the Resources, or design your own using a sheet of graph paper.

Work 21 squares as follows: For each row, follow the chart for the first third of the row, work 4 inches of open filet, and repeat the row from the chart. When you reach the last row of the chart, you'll have two motifs separated by a square of open filet.

For the second third of the block, work the chart pattern in the center of the row with open filet on either side. For the third part of the block, repeat Step 2. Break thread and end off.

Make 21 12-inch blocks of open filet mesh.

Sew together 7 rows of 6 squares, alternating plain and patterned blocks. Start 4 rows with a plain block and 3 rows with a patterned block.

Sew the rows together, alternating those that start with a plain block and those that start with a patterned block.

Attach thread in one corner. Work a row of picot edging around the four sides to finish.


Work the stitches tightly for best results. If necessary, switch to a smaller crochet hook. You can adapt most counted cross stitch patterns to filet crochet charts.

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