How to Crochet Baby Booties

Crocheted baby bootie
Ashley Little

If you know the basics of crochet, making a pair of baby booties is a quick and simple process. Baby booties are not designed for toddlers, but they have a sole and foot that is similar to slippers.

Things You'll Need

  • Washable DK-weight baby yarn
  • Size J-10 crochet hook or size recommended by your yarn label
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

When choosing yarn, remember that babies have sensitive skin, so select a yarn that is manufactured specifically for babies. If you are unsure about the comfort of the fiber, rub the yarn against the skin on the inside of your wrist to test whether the yarn is soft enough. It is also important that the yarn is washable to make laundering easier on the parent. Babies have accidents and food spills, so it's important that the booties are easy to care for.


  • Most yarn manufacturers have specific collections for baby yarn that you can choose from. The yarn is clearly labeled with the word "baby" to make shopping easier.

Tie a slip knot in the yarn by making a loop about 5 inches from the end of the yarn tail. Pull the tail behind the loop; then use your hook to pull up the yarn tail. Pull it taut, securing the loop on the hook.

Begin crocheting the bootie by chaining 6 stitches.

Chaining the foundation row
Ashley Little

Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook. Wrap the yarn around the hook; then pull the hook through the chain. Wrap the yarn around the hook once more; then pull all the loops through on the hook. You have completed one single crochet stitch. Single crochet into each stitch across the row for a total of five single crochets (sc).

The foundation row of the bootie
Ashley Little

Turn the work and chain 1 for the turning chain. Sc in each stitch across the row.

Row 2 of the baby bootie
Ashley Little

Repeat Step 5 until you have 10 rows of sc.

Baby bootie completed sole
Ashley Little

To crochet the sides, sc into each stitch along the side of the bootie for a total of 10 single crochets. Note that you are crocheting into the side of the stitches rather than the top of the stitches.

Crocheting into the side of the rows
Ashley Little

Sc into each stitch along the bottom for a total of 5 single crochets. Note that you are working into the foundation row.

Crocheting into the foundation row edge
Ashley Little

Repeat Step 10 on the next long side of the sole.

Crocheting the third side of the sole
Ashley Little

Sc into each single crochet along the top of the bootie for a total of 5 single crochets.

Crocheting the final side of the sole
Ashley Little

Sc around the entire bootie until you have completed two rounds even. Because the sides do not have any increases, the booties are beginning to take shape.

Crocheting the sides of the booties
Ashley Little

Work stitches back and forth in rows to form the top of the booties. Without turning your work, slip two stitches by inserting the hook into the next stitch, wrapping the yarn around and pulling it through all the loops on the hook. Repeat this action in the next stitch.

Work six single crochets; then slip two stitches.

First row of the bootie toe
Ashley Little

Turn the work. Skip the first two stitches; single crochet in the next six stitches and slip tw stitches.

Repeat Steps 12 to 14 until you have worked a total of seven rows on the toe of the bootie. Do not turn the work after you complete Row 7.

Seven rows of the bootie toe
Ashley Little

Continue to crochet around the entire bootie, once again working in the round, until you have single crocheted one complete round.

This next round will decrease the bootie opening, ensuring a snug fit on baby's foot. Work three single crochet stitches.

Single crochet the next two stitches together. To do this, insert the hook into one loop from the next two stitches; then wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through the first two loops. Wrap the yarn around the hook once more and pull through all the loops on the hook. You have decreased one stitch.

Picking up two loops to make a decrease
Ashley Little

Repeat Steps 17 and 18 around the bootie to complete one decrease round.

Booties after the decrease round
Ashley Little

Single crochet the next 26 stitches, ending before you reach the toe of the bootie. Slip stitch into the first stitch of the toe.

Fasten off by cutting the yarn, leaving a 2-inch tail. Weave in the two loose ends with a yarn needle by threading the yarn needle with the yarn and weaving the yarn in and out of the stitches on the inside of the bootie.

Weaving in the loose ends with a yarn needle
Ashley Little


    • If you are presenting the booties as a gift, be sure to include care instructions along with them so that the recipient knows how to properly launder and care for the booties.  
    • After you master this pattern, you can find dozens of other free baby booties patterns online from sites such as Whistle and Ivy, Red Heart Yarn and Crochet Pattern Central.