How to Crochet a Sweater Vest

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Large-eye blunt needle

A sweater vest is a versatile accessory item that looks good on almost anyone, from infants to adults, men and women. Crochet your own version by making the front and back separately, then sew them together and add a border round or two. Make your vest warm and snuggly with tight stitches, or light and lacy with open stitches. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Crochet the front and back pieces. You will work them the same way in most cases; sometimes you may want the back to come up higher than the front. An easy way to do this is to crochet a basic rectangle to the point where the neckline will be. Crochet only the first third of the stitches in the rows, back and forth to the top of the shoulder. Finish off, then crochet back and forth across the last third of stitches from the row where you stopped the neckline. Now you have worked the whole front and both shoulders. You can repeat this for the back and the vest will be reversible and easy to put together.

Sew the seams together by placing the two sides of the vest together, right sides facing. Sew the shoulder seams then down the sides, leaving room for the arms where you do not sew a seam. Make a whipstitch with a large-eye blunt needle and an extra length of yarn to sew your seams.

Turn the vest right side out and crochet for three rows in the round around the bottom hem. Then crochet in the round for three rows around the neckline and arm holes. This will give your vest a more finished look and help to hold the pieces together.