How to Crochet a Fleur De Lis

Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Pencil
  • Fleur de lis drawing or clip art
  • Yarn (2 colors)
  • Crochet hook

The art of crocheting includes a variety of techniques for making unique patterns. If you want to crochet a fleur de lis pattern, you can use filet crochet, tunisian crochet, or a crochet chart. You can make any pattern you choose using these methods, with a little bit of preparation.

Crochet a Fleur de Lis

Print or draw a fleur de lis picture and cut it out. You will need this to use as a pattern when you create your crochet chart; it is best to find a simple shape that is approximately as large as the one you want to crochet. You can find this by searching online or in your computer's clip art gallery, or drawing one by hand.

Create a crochet chart. Place your cutout fleur de lis from step one onto a piece of graph paper, and trace the outline of the fleur de lis. Now take the stencil off and then fill in every square that has been surrounded by your stencil; this is the basis for your crochet pattern. You may need to add on individual squares of shaded color depending on how you want your pattern to look.

Crochet your project. Your chart is your pattern guide, and you will need two colors of yarn for this - one color for the fleur de lis and the other for the background. Use single crochet stitches and begin your project with the background color, crocheting across as you normally would. Every square on your crochet chart represents one single crochet stitch, so you simply read across the pattern and switch colors every time the color changes on your chart. The easiest way to do this is to pick up your fleur de lis color with the first stitch and let it hang down the back of your project as you continue in the background color, picking up your second color in the middle when you return to the fleur de lis stitches.


  • Determine how large you want the background of your project to be, and trace that number of squares on your chart. This will tell you how many stitches of background color to use as you complete the project.