How to Crochet a Dreamcatcher

Crochet your own dreamcatcher by following these simple steps.
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Dreamcatchers are popular Native American decorations. Based on Native American legend, dreamcatchers are believed to "catch" bad dreams and keep them away while you sleep. Additionally, dreamcatchers are thought to save good dreams and transfer them to you while you sleep. Dreamcatchers are usually displayed near the head of the bed, and are normally constructed of thread or yarn, a circular hoop with beads and feathers for decoration.

Things You'll Need

  • Size 6 Crochet Hook
  • Beads
  • Size 10 Crochet Thread
  • Feathers
  • 5-Inch Ring, Made Of Metal, Plastic Or A Bent Twig

Crochet a Dreamcatcher

Start crocheting by constructing one simple chain. Single stitch approximately 30 stitches. Slip stitch to connect the chain to the last crochet stitch. Round one is now complete.

Continue crocheting by chaining 10. Do a single crochet by the hook in the second chain. Follow in the next chain with a half double crochet. For the next seven stitches, double crochet, then go back to round one. Skip a single crochet, go to the next single crochet and do a slip stitch into it. Repeat until you have formed 16 points all the way around until you have created 16 points in round two.

Make sure the first two rounds are approximately three inches in width. If they are larger or smaller than that, you may need to change to larger or smaller crochet hooks and begin again.

Move to the first point and do a slip stitch. Next, in the same stitch, chain one and do a single crochet. Continue by chaining five and slip stitching back into the single crochet. Chain thirteen and move to the fifth chain by hook, then slip stitch into it. Next, complete the first point of the third round by chaining eight.

Make a single crochet at the end of the next point in round three. Continue by chaining five. Go back to the single crochet and make a slip stitch into it. Next, chain thirteen and go to the fifth chain by the hook. Slip stitch into it and continue by chaining eight. Continue repeating until you have formed sixteen points in this third round. Slip stitch to the single crochet in the beginning in order to connect the first and last points. Tie off and cut the thread, tucking the end of the thread back into the dreamcatcher.

Connect the crocheted piece to the middle of the ring and chain fifteen inches. Chain around and between the outside points of the hoop and the third round. Tie a knot between the ends of the chain. Reverse to wind the chain so that the ends are between one and two inches apart. Attach feathers or beads to the trailing ends to finish off the dreamcatcher. Add ribbon to the back of the dreamcatcher to hang.