How to Crochet a Doily

Things You'll Need

  • Doily pattern
  • Crochet thread
  • Size 10 crochet needle

How to Crochet a Doily. Crocheting a doily is quite easy for the beginning crocheter. Once you've mastered how to slip-stich to start a project and know how to complete a chain in crochet, you're ready to take on a doily. You can make your doily with crochet thread or a thicker yarn, but you should use a thinner crochet thread and a smaller crochet hook to make a more traditional, lace-like doily.

Gather your supplies. Get a doily pattern, crochet thread in your choice of color and a size 10 crochet needle. Use either steel or plastic crochet needles depending on your preference. If you have a firm grip you may find the steel crochet needles work better for you as they're less likely to snap like a plastic crochet needle.

Make a slip stitch with the crochet thread. To make a slip stitch bring the tail back to the thread and pinch the tail and still-connected thread together, forming a loop. Then, reach through the loop and bring the thread through, inserting your crochet needle under the thread you are pulling through. At this point if you pull on the tail the slip stitch should tighten onto the needle.

Look at your doily pattern. Chain the number of stitches it indicates to make the beginning circle. Keep the tension evenly taut while you "yarn over" the needle and bring the thread through the loop.

Complete the chain and join the chain back into the first stitch by slipping the needle through the beginning chain, yarn over the needle, pull the thread through and you have just made a circle.

Refer to the pattern again and determine what the first round needs to be. Typically, you single-stitch the first round because you're simply making the circle larger and creating the foundation to which you can attach other stitches.

Complete the last stitch and then connect the last stitch to the first stitch to complete the first row. Stitch the two together by slipping the needle through the first stitch, yarning over the needle and pulling the thread through so that the first and last stitch are joined.

Continue working in this manner until you have completed all of the rounds your pattern dictates. Make sure you've connected all of the rounds as you did in Step 6. Display your doily as a stand alone item or begin working on more doilies. Once completed, you can crochet several doilies together to make a table runner, tablecloth or other decoration.

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