How to Create Thank You Favor Tags

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Things You'll Need

  • Word-processing software
  • Printer
  • Black ink printer cartridge
  • Printer paper
  • Card stock
  • Paper cutter
  • Single hole puncher
  • Ribbon

Giving thank you favors to your guests is a thoughtful and effective way to recognize their attendance at your wedding, baby shower or party with a personal touch. You can make the tags for the thank-you gifts in any shape you'd like, but the most common are rectangular, diamond or circular. Make the tags from heavy paper material and attach them with a decorative piece of ribbon matching the event color or theme. With a few craft supplies, a computer and some creativity, you can create your own favor tags.

Open a new word-processing document on your computer and arrange the margins to fit the size of your purchased card stock. Select a font coinciding with the event theme, such as a romantic calligraphy for a wedding, a jester-type font for a birthday party or a lowercase bubble-letter font for baby showers.

Open a new document using the business card template in the word-processing program. Type "Thank You for Sharing Our Special Day," "thanks," "It Meant so Much That You Could Join Us," or a romantic, baby-themed or birthday quote into the first space. Add the guest or couple of honor and the date to the bottom of the first section.

Check for spelling, grammar and punctuation accuracy. Add a decorative border to each tag using either the "drawing" or "line" tools. Copy and paste the first business card space into every other space on the page. Print one copy of the document on a plain piece of printer paper to visually check spacing and orientation. Adjust the spacing and look of the tag as needed.

Print the document onto card stock, creating one tag for each guest in attendance. Cut each tag from the card stock using a paper cutter for straight lines. Punch one hole into the top left corner of each tag and thread a 6- or 8-inch piece of ribbon through the hole. Tie one tag onto each favor.


  • Use craft scissors to cut out the tags for decorative edges.

    In lieu of creating the tags on card stock, purchase shipping tags with attached strings and use a rubber stamp and ink pad to say "thanks."

    Colored ink may be used instead of black when printing the tags to coincide with any event color schemes.


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