How to Create Photo Templates

If you edit a lot of photos and find that you often want to do the same type of edits to them, you may wish to create photo templates. Photo templates can be made if you want to add a border to a photo, make photo collages, or crop photos to a specific size. Photo templates can make it quick and easy to add artistic touches to your photos.

How to Create Photo Frame Templates

Open a blank document in your photo-editing software. Your software should ask you what size you want your document to be.

Set the size of the document (in inches) to the size you want the completed project to be. Some typical photo sizes are 4x5, 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20.

Create a new layer. Leave the original layer blank.

Choose the color you want your frame to be.

Select the paint bucket tool. Fill the top layer with the color you choose.

Select the rectangular selection tool.

Make a rectangle in the center of the template. The size of the rectangle will depend on how wide you want your frame to be. For a thinner frame, make a larger rectangle. For a thicker frame, make a smaller rectangle.

Press the delete button. The area you just selected should now appear white.

Paste a digital photo into your template and set it as the second layer (blank layer first, photo second, frame third). You should now be able to re-size and move the photo as you see until it looks the way you want in the frame.

Save your new photo as a .jpg file.

How to Create a CollageTemplate

Open a blank document.

Choose the size you want your template to be. Collage templates are often made in a larger size if you will be using a large number of photos.

Create a new layer and leave the original layer blank.

Select the color you want your template to be.

Use the paint bucket tool to fill in the layer in the color you chose.

Select the rectangular selection tool.

Make rectangular selections in all the places on your template you want to place photos.

Delete your selections.

Paste the photos you want to use on the second layer of the template and move them around as necessary.

Save your new collage as a .jpg file.

How to Create a Cropping Template

Open a blank document.

Choose the size of the template you want to create (in inches). For example, if you want to crop all of your photos to 5x7 size, set the template to that size.

Paste a photo into the template and re-size it until it is cropped the way you desire.

Save your newly sized photo as a .jpg file.


  • Use different shape selection tools and shading effects to spice up your template.


  • Always save your photos as a new file name after plugging them into the template so that you don't save over the original.