How to Create Oobleck with School Glue

How to Create Oobleck with School Glue. Dr. Seuss created an oobleck in the book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck." If you want to create your own oobleck with school glue just follow the steps below. An oobleck appears to defy Newton's Laws and instead of splashing when smacked, solidifies. This solution makes enough for a party.

Pick your favorite color. When you make an oobleck with school glue, you may want to color it. Mix a few drops of food coloring into 1/2 cup of liquid starch.

Mix 1 cup of school glue with the liquid starch and food coloring mixture.

Scoop out the oobleck and squeeze it a bit. Share the fun of this step with your buddies. When you scoop out the school glue oobleck, don't drop any on the floor or your clothing since the food coloring stains.

Place wax paper on a table and put the oobleck mixture made from school glue and liquid starch on the paper.

Knead the mixture thoroughly with your hands. Continue until it appears smooth.

Keep it smooth and not sticky. Add extra glue if it's not smooth and more starch if it's sticky.

Play with the oobleck. You can smash it and instead of squishing and splashing the oobleck turns solid for a few seconds. The oobleck seems to defy Newtonian laws and doesn't react like a solid or liquid.


The mixture for the oobleck made from starch and school glue clogs drains. Never put it down the sink.

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