How to Create a Presentation Board

Presentation boards are a great way to teach and inform, and can be used for many purposes.
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Presentation boards are commonly used in work places or schools to display information. They are easy to create and can be customized to match the environment they will be displayed in, the targeted reader and the information they are displaying.

Things You'll Need

  • Information And Pictures Or Access To A Printer
  • Presentation Board
  • Materials To Decorate The Board

Create a catchy headline. This will depend on the topic of your presentation board. If the board is for a school, consider using the module or topic title. A question or fact can be more attention-grabbing, however. Your headline will need to be quite large to be readable from a distance.

Decide on information to include. What you choose will depend on the purpose of your board. For a school, you could display children's work on the topic, or information from a textbook. For work, referenced material on the topic may be more appropriate.

Add pictures and data. This could be images of the topic you are talking about, or graphs. For example, a hospital presentation board may display pictures of an illness and graphs on who is most likely to catch the illness, and how many people have been diagnosed over the past five years.

Assemble the parts on the board. Make sure you use something such as Blu-Tack, which is removable. See if the parts are big enough to be read from a distance, and if they are attention-grabbing and clear.

Arrange the updated parts where you would like them on the board. Use glue or pins, depending on the material the board is made of.

Decorate any large spaces you have left on the board. You could add more information, or use attention-grabbing fabrics such as silk.