How to Create a Paper Address Book

Things You'll Need

  • 15 sheets of printer paper
  • Computer with printer (optional)
  • Copier
  • Rubber glue
  • Stapler
  • 2 sheets of card stock
  • Ruler
  • Pen or pencil

The paper address book is a simple concept that can be crafted in a sophisticated manner, and yet it isn't too difficult for children to put together with the help of an adult. Using the concept in this article, you can turn this crafty little address book into a work of art.

Make six small address pages (three down and two across) on a sheet of copy paper. These can be handwritten, with lines for phone numbers and addresses. (These can optionally be typed and printed out using Microsoft Word or other text program on the computer.)

Photocopy the page which has the 6 individual address pages on it, making 14 copies. If you would like to have double-sided entry pages, turn over the stack of copies, and make 14 additional copies on the other side.

Carefully match up and stack your address pages, with the front of each page facing up. If you have double-sided pages, make sure to match up the fronts of each so that no pages are out of order in the final project.

Lay two of the address pages side-by-side on the card stock. Measure and trace 1/2 inch from around the top and bottom of the two pages, and 3/4 inch on the sides.

Replace the two address pages to the top of the stack. Staple the stack on the left side, using at least one staple near the top, and one near the bottom.

Cut out the traced area from the card stock, creating the address book cover. Fold the card stock cover in half, then measure 1/8 inch from the center fold, making a line on each side of the fold. Fold again on each line, creating a 1/4-inch center "binding."

Dab a small amount of rubber glue onto the left edge of the address entry pages so that it looks like a bound book, and set aside to dry. Spread a line of rubber glue into the center binding fold on the card stock cover. Press and hold for a minute or two, or until dry enough to hold on its own.

Decorate the front cover.