How to Create a Lighted Wedding Cake Stand

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Creating a lighted wedding cake stand will add a dramatic flair to your cake table and make the wedding cake a star of your reception. This simple craft takes only a few minutes to complete and creates a spectacular wedding cake display. Because this process is very quick, you can do it at the reception after the cake arrives.

Things You'll Need

  • Adhesive Led Strip
  • Hot Glue Gun

Purchase a tiered wedding cake stand. This stand holds each tier separately from the others so you can cut each tier independently. Make sure the edges of the trays are about 1/2-inch wide.

Pull the paper off the LED strip's adhesive backing. Wrap the strip around the edge of the bottom tier. Fold the light strip on top of the tray and come up the back of the support.

Slide the first layer of cake onto the bottom tier. The lights are protected inside the strip, so the cake won't short out the lights.

Attach the second tier. Adhere the light strip to the bottom of the tier until you get to the outer edge, then wrap it around the edge as with the first tier. Fold it over the top of the tier and up the support. Add the second tier of cake.

Repeat this process for all tiers. If there is light strip left over, lift it up from the back of the cake and wind it in a circle around the cake topper.


  • Place the cake table close to an electrical outlet so you can plug in your lights without guests tripping over the power cord.

    If the LED strip isn't sticking strongly to your cake stand, use a small amount of hot glue to help it adhere. Make sure the glue is thoroughly dry before placing the cake on each tier.