How to Create a Frenchy Costume from Grease

The character Frenchy from the movie Grease not only has a heart of gold, but she also has a unique panache that enables her to mix polished, classic charm with quirky fruity colors. Her character spices up her wardrobe with colors like tangerine orange, lemon yellow and bubblegum pink, and although she accidentally dyes her hair pink, her hair and nails are always impeccably styled. You can channel Frenchy’s flair with a few thrift store finds and a little ingenuity.

Frenchy's Pink Hair

If you and Frenchy share a similar sense of style, then consider dyeing your hair pink. You can choose a semi-permanent color that will wash out after a few shampoos, or use a permanent color.


  • If you have dark hair, bleach it before dyeing, and then tone it with a purple toner to get rid of any yellow or orange tones that would interfere with the vibrancy of the pink dye.

Another alternative is to purchase a pink wig. If you can’t find a pink wig, dye a blonde wig. This can be a messy process, so wear gloves and a smock, and cover the floor with newspaper or a vinyl tablecloth. Mix a solution of pink acrylic dye and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Put your wig on a wig stand or lay it on your floor cover. Spray the dye solution on your wig until all off the hair is saturated. To keep the solution from dripping off the wig while the color cures, wrap it in plastic wrap. Allow the color to cure for a few hours, and then unwrap the wig and either allow it to air dry or blow it dry.

Frenchy styles her hair in a curly bob with bangs. Curl your wig or your freshly dyed pink hair with large rollers, and curl your bangs under.

Classic, Understated Makeup

Frenchy’s makeup reflects the style of the time. She wears dark eyeliner and black mascara, and despite having light hair, her eyebrows are dark with a soft arch. Her lipstick matches her outfits. So since you’ll be wearing the pink dress from the “Beauty School Dropout” number, wear light pink lipstick.

Frenchy's Beauty School Uniform

French wears a pink shirt dress that has a straight, fitted skirt. If you can’t find a similar pink dress, you can wear a pink skirt and blouse. A thick white belt cinches in her waist, and if you can’t find one of these, they’re pretty simple to make.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 yard white knit elastic, 3-inch
  • Fashion buckle, 3-inch
  • Sewing machine
  1. Measure your waist and add 2 inches.  Cut the elastic to this length.  
  2. Feed the ends of the elastic through the loops on the buckle and fold the edge of the elastic back 1 inch.  
  3. Pin the fold in place and sew with a straight stitch to attach the buckle.  

Pink Ladies' Jacket

As one of the cool girls at Rydell High, Frenchy always wears her Pink Ladies' jacket. You can purchase one at a costume shop, or make your own from a pink sweatshirt or turtleneck. Lay the sweatshirt or turtleneck face-up on a flat surface. Cut the shirt up the center front, from the bottom hem through the neckline, opening it up like a cardigan. If you use a turtleneck, fold the collar down, and it will resemble the collar of a jacket. A sweatshirt cut this way looks a little like a baseball jacket. For both options, you don’t have to worry about finishing the raw edges, because knit fabric does not fray. On the back, write the words “Pink Ladies” in large script letters with a black permanent marker.


  • Although most costume shops sell satin Pink Ladies' jackets, in the movie, the Pink Ladies' jackets looked more like blouses than satin baseball jackets. So creating one from a shirt will look more authentic.

Shoes and Accessories

Wear white or pink stiletto pumps with your costume. You can either tie a pink scarf around your neck or wear a string of pearls.