How to Create a Comic Strip Free With Templates

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Comic strips are a fun and creative way to share your sense of humor or observations about everyday life with other people. If you find yourself brimming with ideas but lacking in artistic ability, consider creating a comic strip with a template. Online resources such as Strip Generator make it easy for would-be cartoonists by providing a range of vector artwork and all the tools necessary for comic creation, all within a simple Flash-based interface.

Go to Strip Generator website (see Resources) and click on the “Create Your Strip” link. Browse the options under each of the tabs to get an idea of the range of art elements at your disposal.

Write the story. Every comic strip has three basic elements: the setup, the development and the punchline. The setup sets the stage and introduces the central conceit of the strip. The development expands on the ideas stated in the setup, perhaps by following a certain line of thought or introducing a counterargument. The punchline provides the conclusion to the comic, via a humorous observation or gag.

Plan the layout. Choose your characters based on what feels appropriate for your story. Select additional art elements as necessary.

Arrange the artwork. Click and drag art elements from the currently selected tab to the appropriate panel. Click the white circle at the upper-right corner of each element to rotate; click and drag the white circle on the left or bottom of each element to resize. Move elements to the foreground or background using the two buttons beneath the strip template, to the right of the red X.

Add the dialogue. Select the tab labeled “Bubbles” and choose a word bubble from among the available options. Drag a word bubble to the first panel and type in dialogue. If necessary, resize the word bubble by clicking and dragging the white circles on the right and bottom sides. Repeat in each panel as needed.

Publish your comic. You can print a copy of your newly created comic strip by clicking on the "Print" button in the upper left. Alternatively, you can publish your comic on the Strip Generator website by clicking on the "Publish" button (you will have to complete a registration process before adding your strip to your personal gallery).


  • In most Western cultures, people read from left to right. Take this into account when planning how to lay out your word balloons.

    If you register with the Strip Generator website, you will have access to additional art elements; see Resources for a link to the registration page.

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