How to Create a 3D Superhero

manga hero #2 image by Ralf Kraft from

Create a 3-D superhero with an online based avatar generator like that found at Hero Machine, Hero Machine Real Life or Hero Machine Classic. Look also at IMVU and Meez. These avatar generators produce 3-D humanoid avatars and animate them without any expensive or complicated 3-D character modeling software and without any complex knowledge of how the generator works. Even the most inexperienced user can create in minutes and the result is a fully-formed, fully-animated virtual superhero created to the user's exact specifications. Whether the superhero is entirely a figment of a user's imagination or a 3-D rendering of the user herself, the avatar generators available online are sophisticated enough and have such a wide variety of options in appearance features and wardrobe to produce the likeness properly.

Decide which art style to use in creating the 3-D superhero by browsing the 3-D virtual worlds and avatar generators available on the Web. Join the site and download any plug-ins required for the working of the 3-D programming.

Choose to make a male or a female 3-D avatar superhero.

Add skin tone, hair and choose shape color and placement of the facial features.

Dress the superhero in clothing that represents his status as a superhero, such as stockings or tights and a cape, or a long outer coat and boots. Many generators also provide for a choice of masks.

Save the 3-D superhero and take her into the virtual world to hunt for her first crime.