How to Craft Pictures With Buttons

buttons image by Eldin Muratovic from

Things You'll Need

  • Construction paper
  • Coloring book page (optional)
  • Buttons
  • Hot glue
  • Frame

When you need a craft to keep the kids busy, using buttons is fun and simple. Buttons come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and sizes, making them ideal to use for creating pictures. Younger kids can make simple pictures, while older kids can get creative and make their own designs.

Provide each person with her own piece of construction paper to begin crafting. For the younger kids, offer them pages out of a coloring book with simple shapes like cars, flowers or houses that they may simply fill up with appropriately colored buttons if they want a picture guide.

Select the necessary buttons to create a picture. For example, if a child wanted to create a flower picture out of buttons, she might select green buttons for a stem, pink buttons for the flower petals and a yellow button for the pollen center. For other pictures, any buttons can be used to create the craft as desired by the child.

Secure the buttons to the construction paper with a small dab of hot glue. Squeeze a small dot of hot glue to the back of the button, then press and secure to the paper.

Finish the picture and then insert into a frame to hang on the wall.