How to Cover Up Scratches on Dark Wood Surfaces

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Things You'll Need

  • Small storage container with lid
  • Black felt-tip permanent marker
  • Brown felt-tip permanent marker
  • #0000 steel wool
  • Furniture wax sticks (dark colors)
  • Soft cloth
  • Hard paste wax
  • Plastic putty knife

Scratches on dark wood surfaces, whether it is a wood floor, furniture or decorative item are inevitable. Busy children, playful dogs and shuffling shoes create scuffs, scratches and scrapes on wood surfaces, particularly pronounced on darker woods. Putting together a household kit for making scratches less noticeable requires gathering a few selected items, placing them in a container and storing the kit in a convenient, ready-to-use location.

Look at the scratched wood and decide if the blemish is a shallow surface scratch or a deeper, more intense scratch.

Dot a shallow wood scratch with a felt-tip permanent marker, matching marker color to wood color. Blend with a dry, soft cloth. Alternatively, you could apply a small amount of hard paste wax with a #0000 steel wool and lightly smooth in the direction of the wood grain. Buff with a dry, soft cloth when the wax is level with the wood surface,

Rub a matching color wax stick over the scratch and fill it completely to camouflage a deep, intense scratch. Remove excess wax using a plastic putty knife. Buff with a dry, soft cloth when wax is thoroughly dry.