How to Cosplay

How to Cosplay. Cosplay is a contraction of the words "costume" and "role-play." There are numerous clubs, groups and communities where cosplay has become a way of life for the participants. Whether dressing up as a favorite animation character or any fictional individual, cosplay can be a wonderful, fun hobby or lifestyle.

Choose a favorite fictional character or cartoon to represent. These can be from the world of Japanese animation or from a cartoon or video game series.

Create a detailed costume of the chosen character. Many individuals pride themselves on the accuracy and details of their work. Study the character very closely and notice the subtle details that make the costume a work of art.

Discover any and all cosplay communities and groups in the local area. Several cities have underground clubs and cosplay societies.

Consider joining the local artist's guild and network among them for great contacts in the cosplay world.

Find out when any anime conventions or comic convention might be coming to the local facilities. Common conventions may include Star Wars or Star Trek themes. Many now overlap to include any fictional characters.


  • Search local thrift shops and markets for vintage clothing to complete or accessorize the costume. Search local thrift shops and markets for vintage clothing to complete or accessorize the costume. Many fabric shops now carry specialty items for the detail-minded creator. Look at auction websites for costumes that are already finished. Many people within the cosplay community share, trade or sell costumes to one another before placing their items for sale online.


  • Be aware that many cosplay societies may enter into a fetish role-playing genre and may contain adult-oriented costumes or sexually explicit role-playing. Research the community to determine its direction.

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