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How to Convert Music Shake to MP3

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Musicshake is a music production simulator that you can use on your Windows-based computer. After bringing your musical creativity to life on the Musicshake interface, you may want to export your new song to a format you can play on other devices. Your Musicshake account allows you to purchase an MP3 conversion of any song you create on the interface, provided you have previously added payment information to your Musicshake profile.

Visit the Musicshake website and download the Musicshake software if you have not already done so (see Resources). Click the “Sign Up” link at the top of the page to create your Musicshake profile. You must log into your Musicshake profile from the website or the application itself every time you load the program.

Create a new Musicshake song or open an existing song. Select “Load” from the Menu tab to open an existing Musicshake song from your catalog. Otherwise, add sound blocks to the Musicshake interface to create a new song pattern.

Select “Buy MP3” from the Menu tab to convert your Musicshake song to MP3 format. Enter your payment information into the ensuing purchase field.


Sign up for a free Musicshake profile if you want to make songs and pay for each MP3 conversion on an individual basis. Sign up for an unlimited Musicshake profile to pay one yearly fee to convert as many MP3s as you want.

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