How to Convert 35MM Slides to DVD

Things You'll Need

  • Blank DVD
  • Slides
  • Digital Camera
  • Tripod

With technology constantly evolving, sometimes you'll find that the ways that you used to do things are no longer the best. If you've taken a lot of 35mm photographs in the past and had them transferred to slides, perhaps you want to update them for current times. Transferring them to DVD is a quick and easy way to share them with friends, and even to compress space for storage.

Display your slides in the way you normally would. For many, this means projecting them onto a screen. The clearer the picture and the smoother and whiter the surface, the better the end result will be.

Use a digital camera. Many consumers already have them, but if you don't you can borrow one from someone that does or even find an equipment rental house and rent one for a day.

Place the digital camera on a tripod. You can also put it on a table or any other smooth surface, but a tripod will work best for framing of shots as well as stability during picture taking.

Cycle through your slides, and as you get to each new one take a picture of it. This is just a quick way of turning your slide into a digital image on your camera.

Transfer the digital images to your computer. Once there, you can load them into any DVD burning software, use the "slide show" feature and create a digital presentation of all your slides. You can pick transitions, the lengths of time they'll be on screen and even what order you want them in. Once done it's only a few clicks in your burning software to burn a DVD.

About the Author

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