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How to Connect a PSP to a TV

The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a handheld multimedia device. Not only is it capable of playing PlayStation 2 games, it is also able to browse the Internet, play video and audio, and display photos. While the PSP does feature a widescreen display, you may still want to connect it to your television. Connecting the PSP to a TV (of any kind) is easy with a video output capable (not included with the PSP).

Determine which type of television you will be hooking up to your PSP. Refer to the "Resource" section below for more information on different types of TV connections. Buy the correct PSP output cable for your TV.

Connect the output cable to the "Video Out" port on the bottom of your PSP. Connect the audio/video cables to the appropriate ports of your television. Unless you're using High Definition Multimedia Interface or Digital Visual Interface (HDMI/DVI), the ports are usually color coordinated and should be matched.

Put your TV in the video mode used to connect to your PSP. For example, if you're using S-Video to connect your PSP, turn the video mode to "S-Video".

Turn the PSP on. Hold the "Display" button for 5 seconds. The video from your PSP will now be displayed on your TV.

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