How to Choreograph a Tap Dancing Routine

Tap dance choreography is unique in that it

How to Choreograph A Tap Dancing Routine

Pick your song. You'll want to listen to your top choices several times in a row. Keep in mind that tap dancing bring its own sort of percussion, and that should be taken into consideration before any options are narrowed.

Listen to the song over and over again.


  • Allow for some flexibility in choreography according to excellence of some dancers and limitations of others.\nCelebrate your accomplishments in tap dancing. There is now a National Tap Dance Day in the United States that is celebrated every year on May 25th. It was signed into law on November 7, 1989, and that makes tap dancing an official national past time!


  • Never allow yourself to get frustrated at dancers trying to do your choreography. Sometimes tap dancing can be challenging for a dancer. Simply look at ways around a block or problem step.\nDon't let yourself focus on the perfection of your dance. It should be about telling the story of the song.