How to Charge a PSP With the USB

Things You'll Need

  • PSP
  • PSP USB charge cable
  • USB-enabled power source

Lost your AC charger? At a friend's house without it? Just want to show off? Not a problem; charging your PSP with the USB cable is simple and easy.

Turn on your PSP and navigate to the 'Settings' Menu.

Choose "System Settings" from the "Settings" menu.

Navigate to "USB Charge" and set to "ON."

Plug the USB charging cable into both your PSP as well as the USB power supply (laptop or PC).


On your PSP, go to the "Settings" menu.

Choose "USB Connection" and select it. A corresponding noise and charging light signal that the PSP is charging.



  • Some features may not be available while utilizing the USB charger.


  • The USB charger cable is not the cable that came with your PSP. It must be purchased separately.