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How to Care for Velour Fabric

Velour is often used for coats and robes.
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Velour fabric, often confused with velvet due to its soft and silky texture, is easy to care for, clean and maintain with the appropriate supplies. Velour is used for clothing items, linens, draperies and upholstery. It is made from cotton but has a deeper pile and is heavier in weight than velvet fabrics. By keeping it maintained and cleaned properly, you will be able to extend the attractiveness of this beautiful fabric.

Things You'll Need:

  • Mild Liquid Soap
  • Vacuum With Attachment
  • Bowl
  • Warm Water
  • Suede Brush
  • Muslin

Gently brush your velour upholstery once a month using a suede brush. This type of brush is soft enough to use on velour without ruining the fabric and will remove some of the surface dust particles that tend to collect.

Remove your velour curtains once a month and shake them out, gently but firmly, to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated.

Clean your velour upholstery and curtains more thoroughly by using vacuum attachments to remove dirt, dust and other particles. It is your choice how often you clean these items, but at least once a month is ideal.

Wash your velour fabrics using mild liquid soap or upholstery soap and warm water. Put the soap and water in a large bowl, then soak the fabrics in the bowl, rubbing them gently with muslin fabric. The muslin is safe to use on velour due to its soft texture. Hang the washed fabrics to dry completely.

Rub the velour fabrics with a suede brush after they have dried completely. This will replace the soft texture of the velour.


You may want to have your fine fabrics, such as velour, cleaned by a professional cleaning service to ensure they get the best care possible.


  • Do not clean velour fabric with a steam cleaner or other high-heat cleaners.
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