How to Buy Tickets for the Annual Golden Globe Awards

By Timothy Edmond ; Updated September 15, 2017
A celebrity walking down the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards.

Sponsored every year by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Golden Globe Awards are generally regarded as the official start of the awards season and the biggest predictor of who might win the Oscar. Getting tickets is virtually impossible because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association does not make them available for sale. However, you can score tickets to the celebrity-studded after-parties from better ticket providers if you act fast.

Getting Tickets

The Golden Globe Awards, an A-List only affair, is one of the most difficult events to gain access to, even for celebrities. However, better ticket providers, such as VIP Concierge, often offer select tickets to viewing parties and celebrity-studded after-parties. The biggest parties are those given by "InStyle" and Warner Brothers, with A-listers also celebrating at dos sponsored by networks like HBO and AMC. To score these highly coveted passes to stargazing, pounce on them as soon as you see them available, usually early January, and make plans to be close to the Beverly Hilton where the awards take place.

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