How to Build an Extreme Snowman

By braniac
How To Build an Extreme Snowman

Tired of the same old carrot and coal snowpeople? Take your snowman building to the next level this year with an extreme snowman.

DEPICT A CHARACTER: Think of a funny character you can depict with your snowman. Try making some of the most famous (or infamous!) characters from the recent news like Paris Hilton, Blagojevich, Flava Flav, or Angelina Jolie.

MAKE YOUR FAMILY: Get the whole family inolved my creating your snow family. Have fun with it by putting a toy telephone against mom's shoulder, have Dad holding that work shirt he burnt an iron shaped hole through, and set a soccer ball at juniors feet. Don't forget to add the family pets.

CREATE A SCENE: Have your snowman doing something. They could be singing carols, peeking in your window, or gasping as they view their phone bill!

ACCESORIZE: Look for cheap or free excesories by raiding a costume closet, checking the fridge and perusing your garage for potential props. Don't neglect the outdoors, where leaves, grass, sticks and even dirt can be put to creative and very effective use. Have fun!


Yes, I drew the snowman pictured and no, I haven't quit my day job. Why do you ask?!