How to Build a Garden Wagon

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 cedar boards, 2-by-6-by-48-inch
  • 4 cedar boards, 2-by-6-by-24-inch
  • Box of 2 1/2-inch coated deck screws
  • Screw gun
  • 24-by-48-inch hardware mesh panel
  • Box of fender washers
  • Box of 1-inch coated screws
  • Wagon wheels and handle kit, with hardware

Garden wagons help the gardener throughout the gardening season from when the soil is just beginning to be worked to when the bed is prepared for winter. Wagons carry plants from the green house to the garden, haul weeds and plant debris to the compost heap, and carry heavy watering cans from the hose to the many areas throughout the yard. Gardening is back breaking work but having a wagon greatly reduces that labor. A garden cart can be made in your home workshop in the course of an afternoon. You will thank yourself later when you have vegetables to haul in from a morning of harvesting.

Place the pair of 2-by-6-by-48-inch cedar boards parallel to each other approximately 24 inches apart. These are the sides of the garden wagon. Place the 2-by-6-by-24-inch cedar boards between the sides, spaced evenly every 12 inches. There are two ends and two supports. Fasten the sides to the ends and center supports using a screw gun and 2 1/2-inch coated deck screws. Use two screws per joint. This is the wagon frame.

Place the 24-by-48-inch hardware mesh panel on top of the wagon frame. This is the bottom of the wagon. The hardware mesh will wash easily. This will be a handy feature when you've finished hauling weeds, rocks and other garden materials.

Fasten the hardware mesh panel in place. Insert 1-inch coated screws through the fender washers and screw them into the hardware mesh every 3 to 4 inches along the sides, ends and center supports, using a screw gun.

Place the wagon wheels on each end of the bottom of the wagon. Place the handle kit in position with the front wagon wheels. Attach the wheels using the fasteners provided with the wheel and handle kit, using a screw gun. Turn the wagon upright.


  • Install hooks on the side of the wagon so you have a place to hang your gardening tools.


  • Wear eye protection when operating power tools.