How to Bid in Pinochle

The bidding system for pinochle starts at fifty and increases from there, taking into consideration the value of the meld, the value of the high cards in the hand, and the tolerance between the play of the hand and the amount of the meld. Learn more in this free video series.

About the Author

Joe Andrews is an avid collector of playing cards and card memorabilia. He founded the Grand Prix "live" Tournaments Organization nine years ago and has played cards (Bridge, Spades, Cribbage, Euchre, Hearts, Whist, etc.) for more than 30 years. Joe is also the author of five card game books ("Win At Spades"; "Win At Hearts"; "Win At Whist"; "Win At Euchre"; and "Win At Barbu") and has written articles for Games Magazine, and MSN Gaming Zone.