How to BeDazzle a Bra

By Tessa Holmes
BeDazzled bras may draw attention to wearers.

The BeDazzler hit the markets in the 1970s and became popularized in the 1980s for doing one thing: allowing people to add rhinestones to their clothing with ease. The option of customizing clothes, bags, hats and accessories at low cost and at home appealed to many and, although rhinestones may not necessarily be the next big thing in the fashion world, BeDazzled clothes turn heads and add sparkle to ordinary garments, and even undergarments.

Choose a bra that you want to BeDazzle. Study the bra and think of what rhinestone design you want on it. Sketch out design ideas with a pen and paper. Take into consideration the color, shape and style of the bra. For example, if it's a pink or red bra, you can draw a flower or heart design.

Pick rhinestones that will accent your bra's color scheme and will make the pattern you've chosen look nice. Place the rhinestones into the BeDazzler and press the tip of the BeDazzler against the fabric of the bra.

Move your fingers and any other objects out of the way of the BeDazzler tip, except for the bra. Press hard onto the BeDazzler, pushing the handle downward. The rhinestone should pierce into the bra and latch on. If you did not position the BeDazzler correctly and the rhinestone is in the wrong place, turn the bra inside-out and lift the lathes on the stone to remove it from the bra, much like removing a stapler. Complete your rhinestone design.

Try on the bra. If the rhinestone latches are uncomfortable when pressed onto your skin, cut out a small piece of fabric and place it between your bra and skin to avoid irritation.

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