How to Become an MC

How to Become an MC. A Master of Ceremonies, or MC, is a personality who leads a party or event and introduces new acts to the audience. The MC has a particularly large place in the world of hip hop, where the fast-talking and always stylish MC gives flavor and character to the event. Follow a few steps to become an MC and lead any party to celebration.

Develop yourself as a personality. The most important part of an MC's character is personality and charisma. An MC needs to be able to sway and rouse the crowd while knowing when to pass the mic on to the next performer. Just as importantly, a good MC will not be forgotten by the audience after the show.

Grow your "gift of gab." The art of talking fast and on your toes is central to the MC's task. While some MCs speak from a script, unexpected events like audience heckling require a quick wit and a fast tongue. Speak with lots of people in many different environments to develop your gift of gab.

Get some style. You are not just presenting bands or comedy acts as an MC, you are presenting yourself. Get a personal style that will help the audience quickly identify you on stage and remember you off stage.

Know your audience. It is just as important for you to know your audience as it is for your audience to know you. Spend as much time in front of audiences so you can read an audience's energy. Knowing what the audience wants and when they want it is crucial to becoming an MC.

Know the musicians and performers you present. To become a good MC you need to make a good name for yourself. If performers find that you deliver them an eager and excited audience on-stage and can chill out backstage, performers will start requesting you as their MC.

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