How to Become an Assistant Fashion Stylist

An assistant fashion stylist aids the senior fashion stylist during fashion photoshoots, runway shows and at major retail stores. It is also the assistant fashion stylist's responsibility to catalog all clothing, make sure they are returned on time and keep them from becoming damaged or lost. It is definitely a big responsibility considering that the borrowed clothes are often expensive and one of a kind, but the final result is always rewarding.

Get a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising or other fashion related field. A fashion education will familiarize you with the fabrics, textiles and clothing styles used by designers. It will also teach you how to take care of certain fabrics so they don't become damaged.

Get at least one year of experience working as a photo stylist, freelance stylist or related field. Most fashion stylists prefer working with assistants who have at least some experience working with and styling clothes for photographers and other clients.

Obtain an internship with a professional fashion stylist, fashion magazine or fashion designer. This is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience and insider knowledge of the fashion world. It will also give you opportunities to style your own projects.

Build relationships with fashion industry insiders such as editors, writers, photographers and designers. It is important for all fashion stylists to have good contacts within the industry because you will need to reach out to these contacts when pulling accessories, props and clothing for photoshoots. Most items used in a fashion photoshoot are borrowed and must be returned.

Look for work as a freelance stylist to get started. As a freelancer, you will gain the knowledge, experience and contacts you need to succeed as an assistant fashion stylist.