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How to Become a Soprano Singer

A soprano singer performs in the highest vocal range and is often seen in operas and music videos. Soprano singers are mostly females, but some young boys and even older men can be considered sopranos. Some famous soprano singers include Beverly Sills, Pauline Viardot, and Dame Joan Sutherland. Some pop singers who are considered sopranos include Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston, Gwen Stefani, Aretha Franklin, and even Britney Spears. If you want to truly be a professional soprano singer, there is much work to be done and talent to be developed. It's a fun, adventuresome career path.

Decide on an area of concentration. One can aim to be a professional pop singer, developing their own music as a soprano. Some decide to train their voices for operatic performances. This can be a skill that can later help when competing in pageants, auditioning for the average musical, or simply pursuing a career as an opera singer.

Perform in your school or church choir. Starting small and being a part of a group can be the best training ground for a soprano. This can be a place where you'll quickly see if you have talent, as you may be given a solo. Some choirs do not encourage independent talent so don't count yourself out if you aren't the center of attention. Some teachers simply want to encourage all equally. You'll learn about generosity in sharing the stage and songs, and you can benefit from the experience of others in the group, as well as from the teacher. Others will likely have similar ambitions. Try to make friends with someone who has an equal level of ambition, yet don't go for the competition aspect. Instead, introduce yourselves as allies. Encourage one another with each move that you make. This can help you both rise to the top much faster than doing so independently. Finding a partner for classes and competitions can help you both.

Enroll in classes. This can be private tutoring with a soprano singer that also teaches. It can be a fully accredited university with a degree program in music. It could be going for your master's degree. It could be taking music in high school. You need to focus on studies that cater to your soprano vocal talents - and help to develop them. Private coaching with a master of the soprano voice is probably the wisest choice if you are certain that this is the only career path for you.

Get a reliable day job. Unless you have parents to support you or are independently wealthy, you'll need to get a day job to cover the bills. While you can get a "job" as a singer (think wedding singers and cover bands) most aspiring soprano singers choose a job outside of their passion. If you find yourself doing an aspect of your art that you really don't like, it can numb your passion for it altogether. Many singers perform on the weekends, so you'll want something that won't interfere with that ambition.

Understand and know your own voice. A good teacher will assist in this. Practice songs that showcase your voice. A song that lets your upper register shine can grab you the spotlight. Getting out there and letting others hear your voice is the main thing that one should do at the start. Having others hear your voice and talents is what will lead to your becoming a professional soprano singer. Once you are a professional, sharing your voice will be your livelihood as well. You need to find what is best for your voice, practice it to near-perfection, and showcase it in the best possible manner. If you write your own music, perfect that. If you don't, find some songs that are lesser known, yet that can really come to life with your voice.

Record your first demo music. This can be a single track, or it can be a full album demo that you sell online at places like Lulu and CDBaby. There are private recording studios all over the country, or you can even purchase recording software to record the music in your own home. For best quality, go to a local recording studio. Practicing and perfecting the music before going in can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in recording time.

Create a game plan for publicity and promotion. This can be done by a record company if you are signed professionally, but in such a competitve market, you'll need to start this one for yourself. Create a MySpace and Facebook profile. Upload a few songs to the profile so people from all over the world can hear a bit of your music with a click of the button. You can do this even if you're starting with covers of other people's music.

Perform at local venues. Most towns have pubs with talent nights and open mics. Performing can really ignite a greater passion for becoming a soprano singer, and each place offers new listeners for your music.

Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect when it comes to music. Keep learning, enhancing, and honing your vocal talents for a soprano voice.


  • Dare to try opera singing. You'll never know what your voice is capable of until you give it a try.
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