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How to Become a Music Distributor

Music distribution all starts with an instrument and a song.
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Music distribution is one way to connect great music with an appreciative listening audience. Traditionally, music distributors worked to sell music from independent musicians, labels or producers to music stores. Today, music distributors still deliver CDs and vinyl records and promote music, but they must now complement their work with online distribution.

Contact labels or unsigned musicians. Request, by email or by phone, that they consider you as their distributor.

Arrange distribution of music to store chains, such as Borders and Fye, as well as independent music stores. Since many stores have limited shelf space, you will have to convince the management of the appeal of the band to a broad audience.


Consider compiling and sending samplers to music stores. These samplers are often free, and have two or three songs included. They are used to develop interest in the music.


Find an online medium for distributing the music. You can either release this music on your own website or on iTunes or other music programs. In fact, you can do both, reaching a large audience.

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