How to be the Chiquita Banana Woman for Halloween

By Pam Hillestad

The Chiquita Banana Woman is an iconically colorful and sexy character! She makes the perfect Halloween costume and is super easy to recreate with items you have in your own home and just a few simple purchases.

Making the Miss Banana Hat

The Chiquita Banana hat of course is the most famous and recognizable part of the costume. Plug in your glue gun. While its warming up, do a trial run, arranging the fruit on the hat's brim. Use lots of bananas, accompanied by an array of colorful fruits. Once the glue has heated up, apply liberal amounts of glue to the fruit and firmly attach them to the hat. Let dry.


For costume materials, head to your nearest second-hand or discount store. Shop for anything bright -- particularly the iconic royal blue of the Chiquita Banana woman. Bright reds and sharp yellows are also great purchases. Basically you want to get a wide or billowy skirt and a peasant-style blouse.

Creating the Costume Top

The look to go for here is bright and colorful#, preferably with short sleeves. Even a plain red t-shirt or button down will do though; simply cut a slit partway up the t-shirt and tie a knot just under your breasts, or unbutton a button-down shirt halfway up and do the same.

Creating the Costume Skirt

If you have a bright skirt in your wardrobe use that, but if not there are many ways to create the Chiquita skirt. One way is simply to use a bright blue piece of cloth- a tablecloth for instance: Fold down the top edge, wrap around your waist and tie a knot. This will leave a long slit, so wear something underneath that you are comfortable having people see. Another idea is to check out the Goodwill shop and buy a skirt. Use your imagination. A large, billowy skirt gives you more room to maneuver and you can also cut and tie it like the tablecloth.

Adding Finishing Touches

Complete the look with large hoop earrings and bangle bracelets, if you wish. You can use colorful scarves to tie around your waist, neck, or head. Make sure your makeup is bright as well.

About the Author

Long-time writer, quilter, knitter, crocheter and all-around crafter, Pam Hillestad also teaches high school English, and helps high school seniors get in touch with their creative genius before they head out into the real world.