How to Be a Contestant on Shark Tank

"Shark Tank" is a reality television show on the ABC network in which contestants pitch their business ideas or products to the “Sharks,” successful entrepreneurs. If the Sharks like a contestant's business proposal, they will invest their money and become shareholders in the business. If you would like to be a contestant on the show, you must sign up on the “Shark Tank” website.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer With Internet Connection
  • Recent Photograph Of Yourself

Visit the ABC website ( and click on the "Shows" link at the top of the page. Click on "Shark Tank" under the "Evening" subheading.

Click on the "About" link to the show and then click on the "Are you an entrepreneur?" link toward the bottom of the page.

Read the important notice to potential contestants. If you decide to send in your idea for the show, you are agreeing to terms that specify that your email will not be kept confidential and that you cannot claim compensation or credit for ideas similar to yours that the show's production companies may possess.

Check the box to confirm your agreement of the terms of the show and click the “View Contact Information” button. This will lead you to a screen where you can email your proposal and photograph to the show's producers.

Email "Shark Tank" casting ( with a brief description of your idea for the show along with your name, contact information and age. Attach a recent photograph of yourself that is no larger than 1 MB. The producers will inform you if your idea will be considered further.


  • You can still audition for “Shark Tank” if you already have a business but are looking to expand it and secure financial investors.

    Navigate to the Shark Tank website ( to view which type of products or ideas previous contestants have pitched on the show.