How to Attach a Zipper Foot

Zippers present a unique sewing challenge because of the ridges formed by the teeth along either side of the zipper, which don’t allow the standard presser foot to lay flat on the fabric being sewn. To get around this, the zipper foot was devised. This foot has a grooved, narrow panel, which can accommodate the needle on whichever side it needs to pass through, and doesn’t rest on top of the zipper's teeth ridges.

Release the screw retaining the presser foot around the needle so it is loose, but still on the machine.

Position the tines on the upper part of the zipper foot around the post of the screw and tighten it down to hold the zipper foot in place.

Lay the zipper and fabric down on the feed dogs below the needle and look to see where the teeth of the zipper lie. This will depend on which side of the zipper you are working on.

Loosen the screw just enough to adjust the position of the horizontal portion of the foot. Move the foot to the left if the zipper teeth are on the right, and move the foot to the right if the teeth are on the left.

Turn the screw to tighten it into the required position and sew as you normally would.


  • If your sewing machine didn’t come with a zipper foot, you can contact the manufacturer directly and order the foot yourself.


  • Do not leave a sewing machine connected to a power supply if you will not be near it at all times.