How to Apply Stage Makeup

Apply Stage Makeup

How to Apply Stage Makeup. Applying stage makeup is a fun part of being involved in a theatrical production. Many stage actors apply their own makeup before performances, with a little help from makeup technicians. This is especially true in community theatre and amateur productions. Makeup enhances the interpretation of the character the actor portrays.

Arrange your personal makeup kit on a table in front of your mirror. Keep products together as they will be the same for each performance.

Start with a clean, dry face. Apply moisturizer and let dry. If using false eyelashes, put them on first before anything else.

Choose a foundation that is a little darker than your skin color. Think of foundation as a clean canvas from which to work. Apply a loose face powder after foundation.

Use a wide blush brush to apply blush. Try a tone that is as natural as possible, depending on what kind of character you're playing and add color from there. It's much easier to add color than try to remove if you've gone a little overboard.

Apply blush in an upward motion beginning toward the inside edge of the cheekbone and going up and out.

Line eyes with a dark liner. Draw lines a bit farther away from the very edge of the eye, making eyes appear larger than with everyday makeup.

Use 2 eye shadow colors, 1 for the lid to corner and 1 to highlight just under the brow line. Apply loose powder to shadow to prevent creasing.

Apply mascara and lipstick as the final step. Line lips with a color darker than your lipstick shade, making the lips pronounced. Fill in with lip color.


Always purchase high quality theatrical makeup from a reputable dealer. Keep your own makeup supplies in a kit with your name. Try not to use someone else's makeup or let them use yours. This will cut down on the spread of unwanted bacteria between supplies. Your makeup should reflect the character you portray. Don't go overboard into character type makeup unless it's necessary to the script.

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